Thanksgiving Celebrations!

Homemade Thanksgiving dinners prepared for you and your family by Beverly Hills Market & Deli

Planning your Thanksgiving dinner? It’s easy as pie! Let Beverly Hills Market & Deli give you a hand. We offer an all-inclusive Homemade Thanksgiving Meal for $95 that Serves 8 – 10 with all of your favorite items:
- Rosemary Roasted Turkey
- Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing
- Herbed Mashed Potatoes
- Maple Braised Sweet Potatoes with Fresh Thyme
- Savory Gravy
- Cranberry Relish
- Pumpkin or Apple Pie

Contact us at (310) 657-3663 or to place your order and arrange for a pickup time and then sit back and relax. Your work is done. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from Beverly Hills Market & Deli!


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