Right Temperature, Great Taste

The best way to enjoy your favorite wines is at the right temperature! Even slight variations in temperature can significantly affect the flavor and tasting experience. Beverly Hills Wine Club and our wine connoiseurs recommend the following wine tips to get the most flavor and enjoyment out of your wine. 

Light dry white wines, rosés and sparkling wines are best served at 40° to 50° F to preserve their crisp texture and fruitiness. Increase serving temperature slightly to 50° to 60° F for full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds like Chardonnay or Beaujolais to get a true taste of the complexity and aromatics of these wines. Full-bodied red wines and ports like Cabernet or Syrah should be served at just below room temperature (60° to 65° F) so the tannins and more bitter components become mild undertones during the tasting experience. 

In a pinch when you need a quick warm-up or cool down, try this: If the wine is too warm, chill it quickly in a mixture of cold water and ice. If it’s too chilled, immerse it briefly in an ice bucket filled with warm water. Cheers!

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