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Foods That Fuel Us

People often look to protein or energy bars to give them that extra boost for the day, but the fact of the matter is that natural foods and, in particular, fruits and vegetables are your body’s best fuel source because they are filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals that are naturally absorbed into your system.  Energy bars, on the other hand, are processed food that’s typically comprised of only one source of energy in the form of carbohydrates. 

Beverly Hills Deli's Lighter Side

Spring is probably the season most closely associated with “lightening our load,” be it spring cleaning or calorie counting. We offer a number of lighter menu items in our deli for those who may be after a leaner look this season. Our Lemon Chicken Salad is heavy on flavor and light on calories as marinated grilled chicken strips are layered over romaine lettuce and topped with tomato, avocado and onion. It’s all tossed with fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Beverly Hills Market & Deli Wins Business Excellence Award!

Thank you for your support! We are proud and excited to share that Beverly Hills Market & Deli has WON the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Award for Business Excellence in Community Contribution! We hope you will join us in celebrating with all of the winners and nominees at the Celebration of Business Excellence event on Monday, June 18th click here for more information! 

Revive, Rejuvenate

It’s been a long, sleepy winter, but we turn the tide in March, throwing open the doors on spring.  Part of coming out of hibernation means taking a closer look at our bodies, and, in particular, our skin. There’s a glut of anti-aging products, procedures, ointments and lotions on the market, but some of the most effective (and least expensive) products can be found in the produce section at Beverly Hills Market & Deli.


Cheese boosts immune system in elderly!


A team behind the study believes that the daily intake of probiotics in

cheese can tackle age-related deterioration of the immune system.

Scientists have discovered that cheese helps preserve and enhance the

immune response to vaccinations and infections.

The scientists targeted the gastrointestinal tract, which is the main

entry for bacteria cells into the body through food and drink and is

also where 70% of vital immunoglobulin cells are created.

The team asked volunteers aged between 72-103, all of whom lived


Grand Margaux Cheese

Grand Margaux Brie Cheese

Grand Margaux 70% Brie… just 5% more butterfat and this cheese would be a triple cream. This cheese is nothing short of luscious; creamy, buttery and mild with just a whiff of mushroom. It’s also gorgeous: the bloomy rind is snow white and billowy; the inside edge is slightly oozy and the paste is creamy and dreamy…

- Photo and description copyright Marcella Wright, The Cheesemonger


Yogurt FYI

Yogurt has become one of the fastest growing products in the U.S. food market.  Surprisingly, this healthy dairy food was not introduced in the United States until 1977, and, because of its unique flavor and texture, it took a bit of coaxing and some persuasive marketing to get consumers on board. Now, nearly 28% of Americans eat some type of yogurt on a daily basis.