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Fun Food Facts

With an abundance of apples at this time of year, we thought it would be fun to share a few little know facts about this red and juicy fruit.  Did you know . . . apples are a member of the rose family?  Fresh apples float because 25% of their volume is air, and if you grew 100 apple trees from the seeds of one tree, each tree’s apples would be different.

Freshly Squeezed

Beverly Hills Market & Deli introduces you to its new freshly squeezed juices in October.  Each week in our deli area we’re featuring various juice specials freshly squeezed when you order. Juice flavors will change on a weekly basis, giving you the chance to try out a variety of combinations like orange pomegranate.  And the benefits of drinking freshly squeezed juice are well documented.  Not only are you enjoying a totally refreshing pure beverage, but you’re absorbing up to 80% more nutrients than you would if you had simply eaten those fruits and vegetables.

Beverly Hills Deli - Catering and Private Events

The same great food items that you love in our deli area can also be enjoyed almost anywhere else – at an office event, business meeting or private party. 

From breakfast bagel and pastry platters to sandwich and veggie trays to hot entrees, we’ve got you covered.  Beverly Hills Market provides full service catering as well as food delivery to your event, office or home.

Healthy Fall Produce

Each season brings its own unique harvest of deliciously sweet and heart healthy produce – there’s almost too much to choose from as we close out summer and slip into fall. Pick tomatoes for their ripe juicy goodness and the presence of lycopene, a beneficial anti-oxidant known to help prevent certain types of cancer and lower cholesterol.

BBQs & Outdoor Gatherings

‘Tis the season!  The season for BBQs, celebrations, family reunions . . . the gatherings are endless.

We think it’s also the best season for food.  Right now, fruits and vegetables are at the peak of freshness with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries as sweet as can be.  Peas, green beans, tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs are fully-ripened and filled with natural flavors that seem to be missing in the wintertime. 


Our Homemade Potato Chips

Nothing goes better with summer BBQ food than potato chips.  We’re so bold as to say that ours might just be the best.  Beverly Hills Market and Deli makes it own potato chips daily, so you know they’re fresh.  They’re also made with healthier canola oil and a touch of kosher salt – without preservatives.  You’ll find our fresh, crispy chips in the deli area – enjoy them with one of our delicious deli sandwiches.  


Berry Season

Who doesn’t love a good berry?  They’re ripe for the pickin’ this month, and both strawberries and blackberries are a sweet juicy treat on their own or as an add-in to other favorite dishes.  They dress up a salad and make a refreshing smoothie even more appealing. Sprinkle them on top of yogurt and granola for a perfectly delicious and healthy parfait.  And who can resist homemade strawberry or blackberry pie?  Add to that the fact that they’re rich in antioxidants and help to decrease your risk for cancer, making them just about perfect.  Pick up a quart today!